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Looking for great cocktails, good shopping, nice parks, or a decent gym?

Swindon's got it – if you know where to look. If there’s something special on your wish list, we can help. Swindon Property Group Ltd is a small, local company with a good attitude.

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Whether you’re new to the area or want to move locally, you’re bound to have specific requests. We try to be different to other agents, which means listening properly to our tenants. See if we live up to it: give us a call!
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Why us?

When we started doing Swindon rentals, we knew what was on our wish list. Considerate treatment for tenants and landlords, quick problem-solving, and good telephone availability when you have a difficulty. When you choose one of our homes to rent in Swindon, and pay the deposit, we’ll stop showing it to other people. We’ll even help with paperwork and referencing. Once you’re in, we’ll make sure your life is easy by fixing things promptly and using trusted tradespeople.

"I would happily recommend Swindon Property Group Ltd to anyone looking to rent. The agents I've been dealing with are approachable, flexible and quick to respond to any queries or emergencies."
Delfina 2016

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